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Candidate Guidelines


Candidate guidelines for the November 8, 2022 General Election: 


Candidate Seminar



For general candidate information or to request an appointment to file for office please contact us at (831) 796-1499 or via the online contact form.


File for office

The candidate filing process will be conducted via phone appointments followed by multiple options for executing signature documents. 

The nomination/declaration of candidacy filing period is July 18 – August 12.  Candidate forms will only be available during this time and must be completed and submitted within this timeframe. Candidate statement of qualifications will be due at the time filing. 


Call to schedule your phone appointment. We are available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday by phone or email:


Prepare for your candidacy

  1. Verify you are registered to vote in the district for the office you plan to run for.

    • Call 831-796-1499 or

    • Check your voter status here

  2. Prepare any campaign contact information you want us to share with voters (phone numbers, mailing address, email address, website, if applicable). This information will be due at the time of filing and will not be accepted after the close of the candidate filing period.

  3. Review FPPC applicable forms, manual, rules and regulations or visit www.fppc.ca.gov.

    • Manual 2 – Information for Local Candidates.

    • Form 501 – must be filed before you raise or spend a single penny with Monterey County Elections.

    • Form 410 – file this form if you anticipate spending more than $2,000 for your candidacy. File this form with the Secretary of State (address in the instructions) and a copy with Monterey County Elections.

    • Form 470 – file this form if you anticipate spending less than $2,000 for your candidacy. You will file this form with Monterey County Elections.

    • Form 700 – all candidates will file this form with Monterey County Elections

    • NEW! AB571 Fact Sheet – Contribution Limits effective January 1, 2021 for city and county candidates. Local Monterey County candidates will be bound by the new state limits.

    • NEW! 2021-2022 Contribution Limits – applies to State and Local Candidates Per Election.

    • Treasures Guidebook – provides helpful information and links to resources for candidates and treasures. 

    • Complaints/Violations? – if you suspect someone has violated the Political Reform Act, you will file the complaint with the FPPC’s Enforcement Division using the Electronic Complaint System.

  4. Schedule appointment:


Helpful Links

Monterey County Elections Electronic Filing System – Public Access Portal to review financial information provided by candidates and committees.