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High School Voter Education Competition

The California Secretary of State designated the last two weeks in April as High School Voter Education Weeks. We are joining in these efforts and coordinating a countywide project to ensure each school is successful during this period.

This Year's Participants:

  • Carmel High School

  • Everett Alvarez High School

  • North County High School

  • Notre Dame High School

  • Rancho San Juan High School

  • Salinas High School

  • York School

Competition Overview:

This competition is a non-political civic engagement activity designed to provide an avenue for student participation in the democratic process. The project will increase voter awareness as well as registration and pre-registration among young members of our community. Students will leave with a greater understanding of elections. This program offers an opportunity for ASB, political science clubs or other service-learning clubs to continue work collaboratively and impact the community through online platforms.

Application – Deadline to submit application is Friday April 12th, 2021 at 5:00 pm
Competition Flyer


Your goal is to promote the vote! Encourage your peers to get involved, register or pre-register to vote. During this time of uncertainty, you can still reach out to your classmates and inspire them. Get creative and help promote the vote online!

Contest Rules:

  1. Each participating student will create a social media post promoting the vote. They will then upload the post onto Instagram tagging both their school and Monterey County Elections (@MontereyCountyElections) with the hashtag #promotethevote.

    • The post must be school appropriate and politically neutral (apolitical) in nature.

  2. Each post will give a point to their school. There is a one post limit per student.

  3. Students can also receive a point by registering or pre-registering to vote.


The high school with the highest rate of participation wins. Remember that this is a non-political competition. Posts that do not comply will not be counted.

Participation Recognition:

Each participating school will receive a certificate of participation. In addition, all participating high schools will be acknowledged on the Monterey County Elections website

Winner Recognition:

The winning school will receive recognition from the Monterey County Board of Supervisors and the Secretary of State.

Post Do’s and Don’ts:

When creating and coming up with a post, Do:

  • Be creative!

  • Promote Registration and Pre-registration

  • Share why you think voting is important

  • If you registered or pre-registered share that news with your peers through a post

  • Share a piece of voting history that resonates with you

Remember that this is a neutral, non-political competition, use your judgment wisely. Posts that do not follow the guidelines will be disqualified.