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High School Voter Education Weeks Registration Competition


The California Secretary of State designated the last two weeks in April and September as High School Voter Education Weeks. We are joining in these efforts and coordinating a countywide voter registration competition to ensure each school is successful during this period. This competition is a civic engagement activity designed to provide an avenue for student participation in the democratic process. The project will increase voter awareness as well as registration and pre-registration among young members of our community. Students will leave with a greater understanding of elections. This program offers an opportunity for ASB, political science clubs, or other service-learning clubs to have a direct and immediate impact on their communities.

Competition Overview

Students are encouraged to register and pre-register eligible high school students. The school with the greatest participation rate wins!

Enrolling is Easy

  1. Submit one complete application on behalf of a group representing your high school.

  2. Receive voter registration training (approximately 1 hour) from Monterey County Elections after admission to the contest.

  3. Follow the details provided below when participating in the competition.

  4. Adhere to the Election Code including but not limited to the factual information on registration forms (these are affidavits), confidentiality and prompt delivery of completed registration forms.

  5. School provides student enrollment data to determine the participation rate.

  6. School provides school logo by email to MCE.Outreach@co.monterey.ca.us

Application Deadline: Friday, April 12, 2024

Competition Rules.pdf



  • Inform your students of this unique opportunity to be involved with their government.

  • Encourage a student group to apply!

Invitation from the Registrar pdf



Your goal is to promote the vote! Encourage your peers to get involved, register, or pre-register to vote. How you reach out to your classmates and inspire them to register is entirely up to you. 


This program facilitates direct student engagement with the democratic process.
Benefits include:

  • Recognition of accomplishment and certificate of participation

  • Peer-to-peer empowerment

  • Increased likelihood of future voter participation

  • Outreach and marketing experience

  • Professional training

For more information contact Mary Kikuchi, Elections Program Manager, at (831)796-1466 or email MCE.Outreach@co.monterey.ca.us. We look forward to a successful partnership with all high schools in Monterey County.