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Vote by Mail Information

Any registered voter may vote by mail. To have your ballot mailed to you for each election, complete the vote by mail application and return it in person or by mail. One time only vote by mail ballot requests may be made by telephone. An application for a vote by mail ballot will be printed on the back of your voter guide.

The vote by mail period begins 29 days prior to Election Day.  Delivery times may vary between 3-10 days. 

Vote by Mail Application

Monterey County Elections Department - Vote By Mail (VBM) Ballot Application (PDF)

Accessible Vote by Mail Option

If you are a voter with a disability who requires assistance from a screen reader or other technology to read and/or to mark your ballot, you can access your ballot via a secure portal. Your ballot can be read by the technology of your choice and marked on your home marking device. You will still have to print the ballot and return the ballot by mail or in person. For more information please call the Elections office (831) 796-1499 or toll-free (866) 887-9274.

Return Your Ballot

By mail -- Postmarked on or before Election Day and received by the Tuesday following the Election. Return postage is paid. Only those ballots received by the deadline may be counted. Voters should take into consideration the delivery times which vary from 3 to 10 days. If returning the week of the election, voters may want to consider returning the ballot in person. 

In person -- To any official voting location or designated return center in California by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. A 24-hour mail ballot return box is available at the Monterey County Government Center at Schilling Place, 1441 Schilling Place in Salinas. 

Drop Box Locations -- During an election, a list of our Drop Boxes for an election will be listed here.

Military and Overseas Voters

Request a Replacement Ballot

If you make a mistake on your vote by mail ballot or need a new ballot, call the Elections office for a replacement (831) 796-1499 or toll-free (866) 887-9274. You can also return the ballot in person directly to the Elections office or to your assigned polling place on Election Day. If you do not bring your vote by mail ballot with you to the polling place or if you go to a location other than your assigned polling place you will be asked to vote a provisional ballot. In addition, by voting at a polling place other than your assigned location, you risk voting a ballot that does not have all the contests that will be at your assigned location.

In order to preserve anonymity, if you choose to make a correction on the ballot, please do not initial or sign your name on the actual ballot.

What To Do if You Forgot to Sign Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot Envelope

You may have received notice that you did not sign your vote-by-mail envelope when you returned it. Obtain the form here to provide your signature.

What To Do if Your Signature on Your Vote-by-Mail Envelope Did Not Match Your Signature on File

You may have received notice that your signature on your vote-by-mail envelope did not match your signature on file. Obtain the form here to provide a matching signature.